Photo of Lionel the Lion Man

"Imaginative, enjoyable, hilarious, sexy, sumptuous and sensuous"
Three Weeks Brighton Festival Review, May 2009.

“A vision of old style decadence…”
The Guardian Guide

“..gazing longingly at the filmic innocence of the 1940's and 50's..”
The Big Issue

“Stella Starr is nothing short of a local treasure. It is the likes
of individuals such as her who keep Brighton on the map as a
town of mischief, glamour and saucy fun.
Stella is a woman with a mission, and whether it's emerging
from a giant clam to do a strip or writhing around in King Kong's
hand(!), she achieves what most people merely dream of; by
bringing her fantasies alive...”

New Insight

“Vavavavoom is the club where Dean Martin meets Peter Pan,
where Nancy Sinatra flirts with Eric Morecambe, where Andy
Warhol and Elvis are caught in a ‘Carry On' movie. A knowing
recreation of a bygone era which now seems so innocent and
absurd, when there really were real men and real women,
sending out these signals and playing this game with the
utmost seriousness. Now we act out the same roles with a
light peal of laughter, an exaggerated gesture, and no, that isn't
a tear frozen on our cheeks; it's just the glitter catching the light…

The Brighton Reporter


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