(above) Stella Starr
(top right) Fifi de Maintenon
(bottom right) Jo Goddard

We will have an ever-changing cast of performers as we hope to collaborate with many
different companies and artists. There are these regulars involved: Director Stella Starr,
Choreographer and Wardrobe Mistress extraordinaire Fifi de Maintenon and Props Genius,
artist and ceramicist Jo Goddard.

Stella Starr is the stage name of Stella Keen - the Founder, Director of and occasional
performer in Theatre of Fur and formerly of Vavavavoom!.

The daughter of British iconic artist, poet and ‘underground' filmmaker Jeff Keen, and
painter, Muse and Screen Goddess, Jackie Keen, Stella was born in Brighton UK. She
had an extraordinary bohemian ‘beatnik' upbringing, for which she is eternally grateful.
From this artistic background came a love of the Magic of Cinema – from the Golden
Heights of Hollywood to the Glorious Depths of B-Movies!

A former ‘child star' of her father's films, playing alongside members of Andy Warhol's
infamous Factory, Stella became acquainted from an early age with film, dance and
performance art, touring nationally and internationally with her father. As well as performing
since the 1970's in arts venues such as The London Filmmaker's Co-op, ICA, Whitechapel
Art Gallery, Diorama etc, Stella has also curated a number of film shows and exhibitions.
She is currently curating major national and international exhibitions of her father's work.

She is trained in Drama and Dance (Ballet, Jazz Dance, Tap, Flamenco, Tango, Ballroom/
Latin/Jive and Egyptian), and conducts talks and teaches workshops in Art and Performance.

Stella also designs all the publicity and writes all the copy for her theatre work.
When she can fit it in, she loves to sing with her big band Stella Starr and the Allstars.
See also: www.stellastarr.co.uk

"Too much of a good thing is wonderful " - Mae West




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